Full as a Boot


Full as a boot, lad, full as a boot:
Well, Christ, why shouldn’t I be?
That barmaid there, she’s a piece of fruit …
(Make it rum and cloves for me!)

Full as a boot; but when I was young
They christened me Nevertire Jack.
Rum and cloves and you’d never go wrong
To lay that piece on her back.

Down with her bottom; up with her heels;
Tackle her tit-for-tat.
Never you mind if she bucks or squeals:
All the better for that!

Never you mind, that’s my advice;
Give her one on the floor;
Rum and cloves to her sugar and spice:
She’ll tear you apart for more.

I’ve shore at The Rock, I’ve roused at Condobolin,
I’ve rabbited up around Parkes,
And wherever I camped them girls come nosin’
Nosin’ around like sharks.

It was: “No, Jack, no; I promised me mother!”
Or: “Geez, you’re a bastard, Jack!”
But have it your own way, have it the other,
She’d end up flat on her back.

One girl, I left her in Gerringong,
One up by Capertee;
But that little honey at Cuppacumbalong,
She up and she left me.

Oh, she up and she left me there horn mad;
She up and left me flat.
The best bloody woman that ever I had,
To do a thing like that!

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