No Kidding!


Back at the pub in Nimmitabel
Back from a spell out west,
Who should I meet but my sweetheart Nell
Giving her babe the breast.

So there you are, my randy-jack
So it’s you, my no-good honey!
Where have you been, and now you’re back
say, what do you use for money?

Oh, I’ve gone straight this whole long year,
Up north in Narrabri,
Without a word of a lie, my dear;
Without a word of a lie.

But where did he come from, this little nip?
Say, where did you find young blossom?
Oh, I got him out of a lucky-dip,
While you was playin’ possum.

He came to me straight from heaven above;
He came from the bright, blue sky.
Without a word of a lie, my love;
Without a word of a lie.

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