Nu Nubile


Weeny tweeny minus mo,
Topsy Turvy’s black as snow
(old rhyme)

Topsy totsie’s tripsy tootsies
Caused the universe to wobble;
Red-shift that confounds its roots is
What makes Hubble’s constant hobble.
Why it was we do not know:
Far away is long ago.

Topsy Turvey’s tee-to-tum
Contradicts good sense but has
Left-hand spin till Kingdom-come.
What has motion but no mass
Flies so fast we look to find
Out of sight is out of mind.

Lovers looking from a mirror
Hold no writ of habeas corpus;
Hocus pocus is their error;
But our mirror whorls to warp us
Where the twirly Topsies meet
Each one blest with two left feet.

Topsy totsie takes a survey
Yearning, mourning as she flies
For the love of Topsy Turvy
Lost among the galaxies.
Though he roves at cosmic speeds,
Still he runs and she recedes.

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