O Be A Fine Girl … (MW to M31)


O Be A Fine Girl, Andromeda, Kiss Me!
We are O so close already, as galaxies go—
What is seven hundred thousand parsecs, more or less?
Neighbours in space, come now, be neighbourly!
Change angle, angel; make a nimbus glow
Right round our visible nebulas; kiss; caress!
The cosmos, remember, is mostly emptiness.

Journeying together as we do, why play
This game of a galactic sister and brother?
Others are not so coy. Look round and view
The Magellanic pair hold hands, they say,
And turn in rapt dance round about each other.
O six in Lambda Cephei’s hot and blue;
Let us Kindle in Kindness till we are so too.

Look further, my Phosphor, in the constellated Swan
Two galaxies like two swarms of golden bees.
Sweep through each other at delirious speed.
Such orgasms shake their binary organon,
Such interpenetration of ecstasies
Rebuffs the cosmic drift! We too must heed
Time’s tide: in time all galaxies recede.

Seize Time then by his forelock while we may;
Though we veer towards each other, yet we do
So dawdling. Set a true collision course.
With millions of young suns in interplay,
Let us merge these miracles and, passing through
Each other unscathed, marry our fields of force.
The goal of Being is Joy but Energy the source.

O Be A Fine Girl … too bright, too hot to hold!
While, trembling with love, young stars of Oh! and Be!
From all your spiral arms can still blaze back,
Deepen your blue-shift me-wards; be swift; be bold;
Abet Time’s trespass on Eternity;
Foil the black hole towards which all things make track;
O Be A Fine Girl; Kiss Me Right Now; SMACK!

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