The House of God


Morning service! parson preaches;
People all confess their sins;
God’s domesticated creatures
Twine and rub against his shins;

Tails erect and whiskers pricking,
Sleeking down their Sunday fur,
Though demure, alive and kicking,
All in unison they purr:

Lord we praise Thee; hear us Master!
Feed and comfort, stroke and bless!
And not too severely cast a
Glance upon our trespasses:

“Yesterday we were not able
To resist that piece of fish
Left upon the kitchen table
While You went to fetch the dish;

“Twice this week a scrap with Rover;
Once, at least, we missed a rat;
And we do regret, Jehovah,
Having kittens in Your hat!

“Sexual noises in the garden,
Smelly patches in the hall—
Hear us, Lord, absolve and pardon;
We are human after all!”

Home at last from work in Heaven,
This is all the rest God gets;
Gladly for one day in seven
He relaxes with His pets.

Looking down He smiles and ponders,
Thinks of something extra nice:
From His beard, O Joy, O wonders!
Falls a shower of little mice.

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