Tiger Thoughts


My Julia at twenty-two
In the ripe splendour of her age,
Leading me captive round the zoo
Confronts the tiger in his cage.

Tiger is languid with the heat,
But Julia burgeons in hot weather.
How rarely do I chance to meet
With two such glorious beasts together!

Tiger ignores the others there,
Centres his stare upon the woman,
And Julia being mostly bare,
(Tiger and I have this in common:

We like our favourites in undress)
Is wearing on this torrid day
A minimum which I confess
Presents a quite superb display.

Tiger appears to think so too,
Crosses his paws and yawns and thinks:
“I know exactly what I’d do
Alone with this voluptuous minx.

“What shoulders, what delicious thighs,
What flanks—well, she may thank the stars
That men, though stupid are just wise
Enough to keep behind their bars.

“I’ve padded miles today to find
Some way into this cage of theirs
Where such sweet tit-bits are confined.
How insolently, too, she stares!”

And Julia stares and to the cold,
Magnetic blaze of tiger eyes
Retorts her own enchanting, bold
And feral challenge of surmise.

But Tiger licking round his chops
Grins back at her a lordly grin,
And Julia, though she shyly drops
Her lashes, jubilates within,

Exulting as she turns away:
“That was my moment! I must be
Just at my very peak this day
When Tiger falls in love with me!”

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