Ave, Australia!


There’s a word in the south, where the Winter speeds forward,
That kindles young hearts into jubilant flame;
There’s a word where the Summer is fleeing to nor’ward
That lights up young eyes with the pride of the Name;
There’s signal and token, there’s welcome bespoken,
There’s a Star at whose shining the darkness grows pale,
The barriers are broken, the sleepers have woken—
She comes, a fair Nation! Australia, hail!

The Bush-winds breathe freedom above and around her,
From anger and quarrel she brings us release;
With blessing and healing she’s girt her and bound her—
Cinctured with Harmony; sandalled with Peace.
And yet they could slander her! yet they could fear her!
Before that calm beauty could tremble and quail!
Ah, heed not! delay not! draw nearer, draw nearer,
Our Lady of Promise! Australia, hail!

Give us a scutcheon as wide as our Continent!
Give us a Flag that will shelter us all,
Fold us and shroud us, if ever on blood-besprent
Battle-field fighting, we falter and fall.
For ill communion, give brotherly union;
For catchwords, a watchword; for marsh-fires, a Grail;
Whatever is to be, let us front destiny
Shoulder to shoulder! Australia, hail!

There are thrills, there are tremors that set the blood tingling;
There’s lighting of beacons through all the broad East;
There’s scent of blown orchids with wattle-bloom mingling—
Strew fern for her footstep! pour wine for her feast!
For She’s coming—and singing! you hear her? you hear her?
They shrink from her pathway, the prophets of bale.
She’s for us! she’s with us! O cheer her! O cheer her!
Our Mother and Lover! Australia, hail!

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