Mollie McGinnis McGuire.


“The ‘Launceston Waltz,’ by Mollie McGinnis McGuire, will shortly be published.”

Mollie McGinnis McGuire!
Boy, bring me my wreath and my lyre!
For my soul leaps to flame at the sound of her name,
And there’s no knowing what may transpire.

O, Mollie McGinnis McGuire!
Your syllables chime and conspire
To capture the ear of a critical seer
With a motto of “Something Admire!”
For the trochee pauses humming to prepare us for the coming
Heroic of amphibrach, trumpeting, drumming
“A way for Lord Iamb!”
Who will find you, I’m certain, no foe to sweet folly, O Mollie?

O, Mollie McGinnis McGuire!
You’re a trio con brio—a choir
Of angels who’d wheedle a man or a beadle
To love you and yearn and aspire.
And whatever your new waltz may be
With its one-and-a-two-and-a-three,
My heart will beat true to the three names of you,
And I’ll be your own Dinnis,
O Mollie McGinnis!

O, Mollie McGinnis McGuire!
Had you blessed a less suitable sire—
Some Daley or Durfey,
Or Mooney or Murphy—
How much there would be to desire!
But in perfect attire you deprecate ire; and despite the doom dire of the never-quenched fire you will hear from the pyre a whisper expire at your feet, saying “Wire,
If you please, Miss McGuire,
From the beautiful shore just three words and no more:

Boy, hang up my wreath and my lyre!
I’ve run short of the rhymes I require;
But I’ll say her name over in tones of a lover—




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