Of Purple Pimples.


“Purple pimples are chronic.”—Ladies’ Paper.

Moons are a fickle fry;
Suns are escaping gas;
See Pan-Creation die
Of enlarged pancreas!
The universal mass
Lacks even architectonic:
God is Man’s looking-glass …
But purple pimples are chronic.

The amaranthine lie
Arraigns its purple class:
Beauty must Helen sigh;
Valour, Leonidas:
Where’s Tyre? where hippocras?
I ask with pen ironic
(In purple ink, alas!) …
But purple pimples are chronic.

And Chronos, throned on high
Above the vast morass,
Sees matter form and fly,
Sees Maya gleam and pass:
The worlds are mown as grass:
His scythe, a leech laconic,
Shrives all—nefas aut fas …
But purple pimples are chronic.


Tout passe, tout lasse, tout casse,
Even the rat bubonic:
Omnia vanitas!
But purple pimples are chronic.

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