Pharaoh Australis!


“Boomerangs have been found amid the ruins of Thebes.”

King William! You who strut our land,
Despised and lonely;
The regal sceptre in your hand
A waddy only:
Though the grudged blanket of an hour
Your robe of state is,
Though the sole ensign of your power
A poor brass plate is,
Though pious folk, with many groans,
Declare you silly,
Though little boys fling scornful stones
And call you Billy:

Attention! We have found you out:
In Thebes the holy
Your ancestor, without a doubt,
Ruled high and lowly:
He was not Papuan, nor yet
A mere Dravidian;
In middle Egypt he was set
Beside the Libyan:
And, when his glory ceased to blaze,
In some strange mer-ship
Hither he came to pass his days
In pure Sun-worship.

He brought you toothsome bunya-dates
For famine’s crisis;
Corroboree corroborates
The rites of Isis:
Instead of pyramid you use
A tree for Mummy
(Since sacred spices are his dues,
The tree is gummy);
And thus you do your little best,
O haughty hero!
To prove, however dispossessed,
You still are Pharaoh.

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