Sonnets On The Burning Of G. Darrell’s MS. Plays.


Ye daughters of Australia, weep for George
Darrell! and mourn that desolating night
When heavy Austral drama was alight
And sparkling (One Night Only!) like a forge.
Perchance “The Mystery of the Melbourne Morgue”
That awful conflagration solved at sight:
Yea, the devouring element would bite
“The Haunted Hatter of the Gippsland Gorge!”

But Genius shall not perish from the earth!
“Villains, unhand her!” See it rise and ride,
One leaf above the pyre! a phœnix boon,
Bearing to distant shores in billionth birth
The deathless phrase that worship shall divide
In alien lands with idols of the moon.

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