The Adventure


To R Q.

(Mulga Bill loq.:)

Boys, somewhere in Glory—I don’t know quite where;
But wherever in Glory they make ’em, I swear
I dreamt I had given up slinging of rhymes,
For I dropped on a patch of old Lawson’s Good Times.

An’ I wanders along through those Good Times, o’ course,
Till I spies a gray cuddy that’s Ogilvie’s Horse;
And you bet that I hops on that Horse and I ride
Around those Good Times on the other bright side.

Well, I keeps my eyes skinned ‘case there’s anything wrong,
An’ I watches the boundary, joggin’ along,
Till all of a heap I see Daley’s Lost Girl
Asleep by a beautiful river o’ pearl!

Then I picks up that Girl, an’ I sets her behind,
An’ (on Ogilvie’s Horse) off we go like the wind
(Through Lawson’s Good Times) till I whistles Hullo!
For I spots Quinn a-watchin’ the Mystery grow.

So I says, “Good-day, Quinn,” an’ he says, “Good-day, you”:
I says, “Give us your Mist,” an’ he gives that up, too;
Then with Ogilvie’s Horse and Daley’s Lost Girl
An’ Quinn’s Bag O’ Mystery, back I comes whirl.

An’ the editors crawls round for poems, o’ course,
So I fills ’em up clever with Ogilvie’s Horse,
An’ I takes Daley’s Girl an’ I swops her for cash,
An’ the Mystery, too, goes in copy kersplash!

For, you see, I was boss of the whole Box of Tricks,
An’ I’m not the man to give something for nix;
So I sells to the finish of Lawson’s Good Times—
An’, lo and behold, I was slingin’ these rhymes!

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