Head Above The Waves


My heart was carried by the sea.
Carried swiftly through the waves that drowndith
steady heartbeat seeping down,
trying to rescue the passion that reaps a bad sound.

Dying to reach out to something I can’t see,
while still trying to keep my head above the waves.
The waves toss and turn and my heart grows fonder
the heartbeat starting to slow down and me hurting as
a simple reminder.

I needed the love to keep me afloat
but instead my heart drowned of false hope,
crying and deciding in these sea of lies
a promise that though my heart drowned
my body would stay alive.

I would never put myself in a position to give up
though without the heart that bounded me left me
to self destruct.
My head above the waves I am saved by You’re strength
to lead me to land and of a better place.

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