A Wall-Street Lyric.


John was thought both rich and great–
Dick so-so, but comfortable:
John lived at a splendid rate–
Coach and horses in his stable.
John could ride when Dick should walk–
(This excited people’s talk!)–
For John’s wealth, Dick’s rugged health
Few would exchange if they were able!

Dick was friendly years ago–
With ingratitude John paid him:
Dick found this was always so
When John had a chance to aid him.
John still cut a brilliant dash,
While he could command the cash,
But for Dick, whom John would kick,
At last a change of luck has made him!

John, ’tis said, is ‘bound’ to lose
Lots by rail, and ‘bus, and cable!
And the banks his notes refuse,
Now they think his state unstable.
This may be a story strange
Of the bulls and bears on ‘change,
Where the truth, in age and youth,
Is often a poetic fable!

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