I Love Thee Still.


I never have been false to thee!–
The heart I gave thee still is thine;
Though thou hast been untrue to me,
And I no more may call thee mine!
I’ve loved, as woman ever loves,
With constant soul in good or ill:
Thou’st proved as man too often proves,
A rover–but I love thee still!

Yet think not that my spirit stoops
To bind thee captive in my train!–
Love’s not a flower at sunset droops,
But smiles when comes her god again!
Thy words, which fall unheeded now,
Could once my heart-strings madly thrill!
Love a golden chain and burning vow
Are broken–but I love thee still!

Once what a heaven of bliss was ours,
When love dispelled the clouds of care,
And time went by with birds and flowers,
While song and incense filled the air!
The past is mine–the present thine–
Should thoughts of me thy future fill,
Think what a destiny is mine,
To lose–but love thee, false one, still!

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