Lines On The Burial Of Mrs.


The knell was tolled–the requiem sung,
The solemn burial-service read;
And tributes from the heart and tongue
Were rendered to the dead.

The dead?–Religion answers, ‘No!
She is not dead–She can not die!
A mortal left this vale of wo!–
An angel lives on high!’

The earth upon her coffin-lid
Sounded a hollow, harsh adieu!
The mound arose, and she was hid
For ever from the view!

For ever?–Drearily the thought
Passed, like an ice-bolt, through the brain;
When Faith the recollection brought
That we shall meet again.

The mourners wound their silent way
Adown the mountain’s gentle slope,
Which, basking in the smile of May,
Looked cheerfully as hope.

As hope?–What hope?–That boundless One
God in His love and mercy gave;
Which brightens, with salvation’s sun,
The darkness of the grave.

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