When Love in myrtle shades reposed,
His bow and darts behind him slung;
As dewey twilight round him closed,
Lisette these numbers sung:
‘O Love! thy sylvan bower
I’ll fly while I’ve the power;
Thy primrose way leads maids where they
Love, honor, and obey!’

‘Escape,’ the boy-god said, ‘is vain,’
And shook the diamonds from his wings:
‘I’ll bind thee captive to my train,
Fairest of earthy things!’
‘Go, saucy archer, go!
I freedom’s value know:
Begon, I pray–to none I’ll say
Love, honor, and obey!’

‘Speed, arrow, to thy mark!’ he cried–
Swift as a ray of light it flew!
Love spread his purple pinions wide,
And faded from her view!
Joy filled that maiden’s eyes–
Twin load-stars from the skies!–
And one bright day her lips DID say,
‘Love, honor, and obey!’

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