My Bark Is Out Upon The Sea.


My bark is out upon the sea–
The moon’s above;
Her light a presence seems to me
Like woman’s love.
My native land I’ve left behind–
Afar I roam;
In other climes no hearts I’ll find
Like those at home.

Of all yon sisterhood of stars,
But one is true:
She paves my path with silver bars,
And beams like you,
Whose purity the waves recall
In music’s flow,
As round my bark they rise and fall
In liquid snow.

The fresh’ning breeze now swells our sails!
A storm is on!
The weary moon’s dim lustre fails–
The stars are gone!
Not so fades Love’s eternal light
When storm-clouds weep;
I know one heart’s with me to-night
Upon the deep!

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