National Anthem.


Freedom spreads her downy wings
Over all created things;
Glory to the King of kings,
Bend low to Him the knee!
Bring the heart before His throne–
Worship Him and Him alone!–
He’s the only King we own–
And He has made us free!

The holiest spot a smiling sun
E’er shed his genial rays upon,
Is that which gave a Washington
The drooping world to cheer!
Sound the clarion-peals of fame!
Ye who bear Columbia’s name!–
With existence freedom came–
It is man’s birthright here!

Heirs of an immortal sire,
Let his deeds your hearts inspire;
Weave the strain and wake the lyre
Where your proud altars stand!
Hail with pride and loud harrahs,
Streaming from a thousand spars,
Freedom’s rainbow-flag of stars–
The symbol of our land!

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