Not Married Yet!


I’m single yet–I’m single yet!
And years have flown since I came out!
In vain I sigh–in vain I fret–
Ye gods! what are the men about?
I vow I’m twenty!–O ye powers!
A spinster’s lot is hard to bear–
On earth alone to pass her hours,
And afterward lead apes–DOWN THERE!

No offer yet–no offer yet!
I’m puzzled quite to make it out:
For every beau my cap I set–
What, what, what ARE the men about?
They don’t propose–they WON’T propose,
For fear, perhaps, I’d not say, ‘Yes!’
Just let them try–for Heaven knows
I’m tired of single-blessedness.

Not married yet–not married yet–
The deuce is in the men, I fear!
I’m like a–something to be let,
And to be LET ALONE–that’s clear.
They say, ‘She’s pretty–but no chink–
And love without it runs in debt!’
It agitates my nerves to think
That I have had no offer yet.

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