Temperance Song.


Some love to stroll where the wassail-bowl
And the wine-cups circle free;
None of that band shall win my hand:
No! a sober spouse for me.
Like cheerful streams when morning beams,
With him my life would flow;
Not down the crags, the drunkard drags
His wife to want and wo!
Oh! no, no, no!–oh! no, no, no!

At midnight dark, the drunkard mark–
Oh, what a sight, good lack!
As home draws near, to him appear
Grim fiends who cross his track!
His children’s name he dooms to shame–
His wife to want and wo;
She is betrayed, for wine is made
Her rival and her foe.
Oh! no, no, no!–oh! no, no, no!

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