The Colonel.


The Colonel!–Such a creature!
I met him at the ball!–
So fair in form and feature,
And so divinely tall!
He praised my dimpled cheeks and curls,
While whirling through the dance,
And matched me with the dark-eyed girls
Of Italy and France!

He said, in accents thrilling–
‘Love’s boundless as the sea;
And I, dear maid, am willing
To give up all for thee!’
I heard him–blushed–‘Would ask mamma’–
And then my eyes grew dim!
He looked–I said, ‘Mamma–papa–
I’d give up all for him!’

My governor is rich and old;
This well the Colonel knew.
‘Love’s wings,’ he said, ‘when fringed with gold,
Are beautiful to view!’
I thought his ‘havior quite the ton,
Until I saw him stare
When merely told that–brother–John–
Papa–would–make–his– heir!

Next day and the day after
I dressed for him in vain;
Was moved to tears and laughter–
He never came again!
But I have heard, for Widow Dash
He bought the bridal ring;
And he will we her for her cash–
The ugly, hateful thing!

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