Hymns For Ordination And Installation X


To thee, O God, our Rock,
Sing we a joyful song;
Who has not left thy flock
Without a shepherd long.
O, may the voice
Thy Spirit gave,
O’er Jordan’s wave,
Approve our choice.

To him whom thou hast sent
To labor in this field,
Lord, let thine aid be lent,
That so his ground shall yield
A large increase;
And so shall he,
When called to thee,
Depart in peace.

‘Good Shepherd!’ let thy care
To old and young extend;
These in thy bosom bear,
O’er those in pity bend;-
Thy voice alone
We love to hear;
Be ever near,
To guard thine own.

Beside still waters led,
Through pleasant vales that flow,
And in green pastures fed,
May this, thy people, grow
In every grace,
Till all, above,
In light and love,
Behold thy face.

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