Love Anatomy


Love is an ingredient that takes over a human mind
Spins him upside down, scatters reason and defies the blind
On a heart’s window, tangling with alchemy, autonomy and harmony
Striving to impose her will on chapters and verses of Deuteronomy
Seething with feeble wrath if she doesn’t get her way
Flying a Dutch lover comforts of Amsterdam to pray
For love’s influence to prevail at Chinese Hunan airport
Where an enamored loverboy expecting Mythical Cleopatra to report
To his fantasy, splurged bucks, urging reason to evaporate to Hell
When Cupid pumps litres of adrenalin and dopamine to spell
Harp-piness, madness, quizziness, sickness, witness and prettiness
Whether non lovers laugh, crack jokes or break eggs at his business
Which is none of their business whether his heart breaks or shrieks
Sinks, sinks, thinks, winks, slinks, blinks, shrinks, kicks or clicks.

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