Zambians, Hold Your Fire


Zambians, hold your fire
Much as short fuses catalyse ire
Because if tempers fly higher
Our common good may in the end tire.

Zambians, anger management is critical
In times of stress, it becomes doubly vital
To guard jealously each institution, each hospital
For mistakes come from us all because we’re mortal.

Zambians, inflame not tempers
With hate speech and taunts on embers
Courts handle matters for all members
Of the national Zambian family, there be more Septembers.

Zambians, don’t disseminate malicious messages
Instead let us all turn to those sages
Among us to smooth a transition to normalcy passages
Though we may be aggrieved: no hasty purges.

Zambians, don’t tear our motherland
Although activity in the wrath gland
Threatens mayhem and her band
Mixed with a destructive hand.

Zambians, give the constitutional court a chance
To address matters that perchance
Have raised concerns. No ambulance
Should carry an advance party with an envious glance.

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