Carl Dreyer


all He wants to do
She knows anyway

is to
race his ‘sister’ off to bed at the

earliest opportunity
: however!

the Old One (that wifed four husbands al
ready) keeps both eyes open

& foils the Young Man’s every
move. while

everything seems just right for It (
branches sway in the midsummer

breeze / the tall grasses / the paths
& bushes) the hitch is

the Old One’s faithful servants &
her own eternal vigilance.

the Law of the Land is quite fiendish
: that the New Parson wed

the Old Parson’s widow! &
rumours in the village /

black magic at the hand of Dame
Margaret / take everybody in.

She poor dear herself
a Victim

of the Traditions. it was only her
devotion to the first husband

allowed her to outlive the next
three. amid

the change of seasons
they are reconciled / a kind of

second youthfulness before
the Old One’s death.

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