The Limit


once away from the grasshoppers
grass-snakes & electricity-pylons
warning lights on the highway
the hike thru days heat then cold
some rain  frost on donkey-jacket lapels
a sleep in the rear seats of a farmers van
the drivers drone
the state of the country  pigs
& eggs & turtles
a question about the weather-forecast
he had missed
was it the same in the north
almighty leaps  of course

eventually having climbed the two-mile
twisting gradient
came to that point of illumination
no pub or beacon but
the reflections on this metal advertising
hoarding  of lights
maybe another two miles distant

there was the ocean
grey-blue  opening out from
a shale bay  we stood open-mouthed by
the remnants of roman-wall  the ocean
it transpired in the reality of
the five-hour march was
the clearest possible sky
which was the limit  the sky they say
is the limit

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