The End Of The Twentieth Century


Jesus walked into the Donut Shop
But of course no one recognized him
Why should they?
He hadn’t been seen for quite awhile.
He sat down at the counter
Next to a couple of cops.
The waitress said, “You want a donut? ”
Jesus answered, “Have you got mustard seed? ”
“No. Poppy seed.”
“It’s not the same thing.”
“A cup of coffee? ”
“I don’t have any money.”
At this point, the cops were getting
Quite annoyed at this foul-smelling
Stranger with the matted hair.
“Hey you got no money, you can’t
come in here, okay, pal? Move it.”
A businessman sneezed as Jesus
Walked past, out the door and
Into the street.
He disappeared of course.
And it will probably be at least
Another century or two before
Anyone ever sees him again.

(Previously published in MiPoesias Magazine, Winter 2004)

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