As two thousand and eight
Approaches us.
More will find time to fuss and cuss.
But this coming year
Will make it quite clear…
Who actually to fear,
And who amongst us to trust!

There will be no doubt at all…
For those with hearts
Installed with love!
Those who feel this…
Will gain tremendous power,
From The Almighty above!

Or however this happens…
To allow all the crap,
To be released and unstrapped
From believers backs!
Especially those who felt exposed…
And entrapped!

In two thousand and eight…
Revelations begin to unfold and await!
All needs provided,
Will come to satiated those who kept faith!
In 2-0-0-8 a transference takes place!
A change so unsettling…
That will leave no reason,
For indecision or pointless debate!

Two thousand and eight,
Will expose truth for what it is!
And this fact alone…
Will leave many stunned!
Traumatized to tears!

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