(the) Acceptance Of A Nothingness


Somehow the meaninglessness…
Many describe as senseless,
Has a meaningfulness…
In a useful kind of way.

The acceptance of a nothingness…
As it is applied,
Has a purpose that drives curiosities…
To perceive a conception connected,
With a totalness lived.
Yet arguably not perfected.

And rejecting this completion given,
As ‘part of’ a mural of existence…
Does not validate,
A separateness.
Like a timeless void without exits.
And since there aren’t any witnessed…
It sits.

Since there is an attention given it.
Even within the abstraction that attracts,
A collective misunderstanding of what it is.
Whatever it is,
That we…
You and I try scientifically to determine.
In our limited mindsets to fit it in.

And even if that meaningless nothing,
Is described as senseless…
There is a meaningfulness of it,
That is with us here to stay!

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