A Little Bit of Propaganda


I’m a spineless bastard
I send my daughters
to a cheap private school so they’ll
make the right friends

never mind they lose their way
trying to pick flowers in fields of clay

and I’m putting a bit away
in blocks of land

never mind the ecology of the bay

and I’ve friends
on the stock exchange who do
me a favour or two
my wife doesn’t need a job
when I’m out
I like to know she’s there
keeping my bed warm
I like my comforts when I’m home
I don’t care who’s my boss
as long as he pays me all the same
the world belongs to those who work
and show initiative
and make the right friends

I tell my daughters
if things go wrong
they’ve only themselves to blame
their mother has set them an example
she only smiles
when it’s absolutely necessary
her tears have gone
into a perfect front lawn

the rest of the world is foreign
communist for all I know
Dad fought in Borneo
and I’m a member of the RSL
someone just offered me an illegally imported chevvy
and a bottle of duty-free bourbon
straight from the horse’s mouth
I think people younger than me are
a pack of faggots or worse
and anyone who disagrees
is letting Australia down

I vote Liberal

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