Summer in Stewart Street



only the air can hold you
when it comes to survival

drifting from the seaside
memories of children
a sepia photograph
a dead balloon

put them aside
to play with
when you’ve tried
all that you’re able
and dried your eyes

has a hat in his hand
and his eyeballs keep begging
you’ll understand

only the air can hold you
so go on playing
at being a superman


the stoned man scores
a peaceful planet
bubbling waterpipes
rivers in it
very little moves
he contemplates
what does

but that voyager
who can’t be satisfied
with anything less than juggling
iron balls on a thread
fills his veins with wandering


on the ocean
yachts are sleeping
the race from their timbers
left behind

in the garden
insects are shaking
their wings     a band
that goes on rocking
from cradle to grave

night falls
on memory & desperation
frenzy & trance

on spider & fly
grasshopper & ant

like a wave

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