A Night In The Arms Of Forever


It was the first time in years that we saw each other anew.
As you sat listening to music, I snuck up behind you;
and I wrapped my arms around your shoulders, being such a flirt.
The chocolate velvet of my dress against the cotton of your shirt.

You tilted your head backwards, your lips puckering for a kiss;
and I knew that my whole world was encompassed inside of this.
For all these years I’ve loved you, I always loved you from the start;
but tangled in my confusions, I denied what was at heart.

I lay down on the sofa, and I admired you from afar.
To me you were always like the promise of a distant falling star.
You stood and came towards me, and I was lost inside your eyes.
I could not stop my pounding heart, the quivering of my thighs.

You sat down beside me; and smiling, you gave to me your lips.
You breathed my breath inside of you as your fingers touched my hips.
A deep sigh escaped me, a volcano erupting inside;
and all the love I felt for you would no longer be denied.

The power of it gripped me as your lips tasted of my tears.
I pulled you close to hide my face and to shut away my fears;
but you wouldn’t let me hide, instead you pulled away from me.
Your eyes were searching deep inside to proclaim my purity.

‘What? ‘ you asked. I couldn’t answer, but I tried to look away.
Your beloved hand touched my cheek like the sunlight touching day.
Holding my hands above my head, looking straight into my eyes,
you smiled as your hand wandered to the valley between my thighs.

I squeezed my legs together in my lusting feminine pride.
‘Stop, ‘ you said; and with commanding fingers, spread them far and wide.
With half-shut eyes, I arched my back; and I moaned in ecstasy.
No one ever made me feel such bliss, such carnal agony.

As you touched the silken petals, my thighs locked around your hand.
‘Stop, ‘ you said, your elegant dance swept across the burning sand.
Your subtle domination owned me; it was then that I knew,
all I ever was or will be would always belong to you.

Just as I reached the pinnacle, the tide of sweeping desire,
you released my hand and left me in flames of a burning fire.
You sat down in the chair, and I lowered myself at your feet.
I lay my head on your knee and embraced my happiness – sweet.

With a twinkle in my eye and a wicked, devilish grin,
I unzipped your pants and then slowly tip-toed my fingers in.
I took your hardness in hand, tasted its salt upon my lip;
and as you closed your eyes, my tongue danced around the heart-shaped tip.

We giggled at our past, knowing I would not do that before.
I was so shy and young then and so afraid to ask for more.
We smiled in our newfound awareness, the love that once we knew.
A second chance to love again was the second time more true.

The weight of your body upon me, my dress lifted away.
Holding my hands once again, you began your torturous play.
Your index finger lightly touching, circling nipple tips,
up and down my breastbone, a slender whisper toward my hips.

Each nerve in my body was aching, a deep hunger of greed.
Your fiery lips were upon me, your hands grasping in need.
Your saber of love pierced through me; and in moans, I wrote your name.
The world dropped away, and I knew I would never be the same.

Turning over onto my knees, the primal entrance was found.
Never had a touch touched more deep nor greater a bondage bound.
I fell straightway to the floor, the lightening had pierced my soul.
I ripened within the hands of your love, that which made me whole.

You gently took me by the hand, and you led me to the bed.
I lay with my back against you and your arm beneath my head.
With my left leg bent over yours, you lifted my thighs apart;
and you reached around to finger that crimson, petalline part.

Your torch of love behind me, I could feel its hardness and heat.
I pushed myself back against it as it pushed inside complete.
Your offering was magnificent inside the primal shrine.
A thousand candles were lit; you alone were proclaimed divine.

The slow and impassioned rocking, the lull of waves to the shore.
The less that I thought I could handle, the more I wanted more.
Your hot breath in my ear, the song and dance of senses delight.
I saddled the steed of desire, and we rode as one that night.

My heart sails back through the dreams, dreams that always end like this,
together we were as one and together we were as bliss.
I thought once again we had found it, the love that once we knew.
A second chance to love again was the second time more true.

Yet, now I’m left with memories, your sweet love I cannot find.
When the light returns, I will see you – the love I left behind.
Perhaps, once again, we will find it, the love that once we knew.
Another chance to love again, a third chance to love anew.

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