Lost Love


Sitting in a dilapidated shoddy bar
Looking through the window
There was a train slowly moving westward
In slow motion

Perhaps in there
A girl sat
On a reclining seat
Tears overflowing
In her overcast eyes
Like rain that yearns to pour
On distant mountain-tops

Her love has deserted her
And she has been pushed
By her family to agree
To a marriage
With a robust groom
Who had sinews
But not the romantic streak
Of her lost love
That sang to the stars
Wind, clouds and rain

Poor thing succumbed
To persuasion
Pray let her see
In the sinews and manliness
Of the unsung groom
A downpour of love
Torrential, unabated
So she can sing
In rhyme with the awkward wind
And the foolish rain
Sorrow, pain and forsakenness
But yet an oasis of sheer abandon
Love, music and eternal song

I am the love she yearned
Now languishing in a dilapidated shoddy bar
Eyesight blurred myopic
How sad it is
For a tearful noon

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