I Never Thought (I’D Fall In Love)


All my life
I thought I’m a drifter
all my life
i thought i could never write a love poem
for I have been searching for something
something I’m not feeling
Looking for the answer my heart’s been asking.

I may have hurt lots of craving hearts
or wounded lots of pride
but I can’t force my heart to love
or put my love to test
to test my heart to feel
to feel the love i can’t just share
those three words they long to hear
were only for the man i will love and care.

Who can tame the aloofness of my choosy heart?
Who can let my deaf heart, hear
the echoes of love calling.
Who can bring out the smile in my lips,
and the glow in my eyes?
I let my heart do, in its mysterious ways.

all those days I’ve been asking
where is Love? my heart is empty
Where is love for i didn’t see?
Is it hidden in the island of memory?
or will i just meet him somehow, someday,
and find him in the island of impossibility?

Until the day, you came like a blessing rain,
that showers the lonely garden in my heart.
you light up my lonely life,
You bring out the love in me
and like cocoon, you shield me everyday.
from my lips came out these words no one have heard
words only for a man i will love
and longed for my life be shared.

From the core of my once sleeping heart,
these feelings i want to tell you
from my lips, these words i will let it flow
the three words only you can hear
i love YOU…i love YOU….i love YOU.
and every day i will let you know
how much i feel for YOU.

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