I Turn To You…Always


In my days of tears
being wounded, teased
In my nights of fears
Scared to be alone at night
Who can I turn to?
Those gentle hands shielding me with love
Those gentle fingers wiping away my tears
Caressing my pains and fears away
My parent’s love, loving me in every way
Pa and Ma, I turn to you, always.

In my days of tears
In times of heartaches
Carried away by the flood of undefined love
Uncertain, confused
Who can I turn to?
Friends, your laughter comforts me
You words lift me up every single day
Poet friends, your poetry brightens up my day
My friends; my Poet friends
I turn to you, always.

In my days of growing
Feeling the love I felt inside, haunting
A love I never know would come my way
When days are not at all laughter
When tears can’t be lessen by smiles
Who can I turn to?
I turn to you alone, always.

In life’s unexpected distress,
In life’s difficulties, pain and mess
In my struggle between life and death
In my unending sweat, feeling your breathe of life
Nearly leave my borrowed body
Who can I turn to? I turn to you.
Offering my borrowed life, yet;
You shield me, give me another breathe of spirit
A life, I never asked from you, yet, you gave
You sheltered me again in your loving arms
Oh, God, with your everlasting love,
I turn to you. Always.

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