…And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon


…and the dish ran away with the spoon

to the tune of a flute,
her sweater, his suit,
were flung on the floor
in a heap.

they danced light and long
to the tune of a song
that was bright,
and fantastically sweet.

he slipped off her slip,
she unbuttoned his lips,
and the flute ran away
with the room.

they danced on their toes,
or the tip of her nose,
and they stood very still
in the din.

she laughed at his chin,
and she grinned a great grin,
oh, the din they were in
was a sin!

she flipped, and he spun,
he dove, she was won,
and the dish ran away
with the spoon.

they loved loud and long,
they loved loud and strong,
and they hugged to the tune
of their tongues.

they knew who they were,
in a flash they were sure,
and the song ran away
with the sun.

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