A Place Only We Once Knew…


A place only we once knew,

Once upon a time we were the secret,

Kept far away from prying eyes we hid our love,

As enveloping into the shadows together we made our home,

From deep within this world we created our pact,

Sharing our intimate words, and our many secrets,

Stealing away our kisses together,

We were truly ‘one’ as the world continued to revolve around outside us,

For how we laughed together so far away from this existance,

A haven full of smiles and the deepest of caresses,

From deep within our private place, only to be spoken of from the dark…

We consecrated our pact and exploited our creation from within,

And how we ruled our kingdom…

From within our genesis of existence,

My queen, your grace… how I bowed down to you,

I’d tell you of my woe’s and my triumph’s,

Bathing my very soul in your blinding light,

As you gave me the strength to stand still and fight,

Alighted by our love… your wings enabled me to fly,

Setting fire to my demons,

The breaker of chains,

And the quencher of flames,

You were the axe that came to free me,

When others, where blinded and could never ever see me…

As locked down deep from within my cage, day after day I fought with myself,

Blood red knuckles I hold true after fighting these walls of hate,

But my halo ‘you’ made me true,

Setting me free with your words,

Unlocking the door I once hated to open,

And as the light spilled through it,




Me Myself and I 2018

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