Dreaming Of You…


Dreaming of you,

For every night she waltz’s into my dreams,

Walking her walk, and strutting her stuff…

Smiling that smile I remember so much,

You hide it so, but its the one that destroys me at a hundred yards,

For on a catwalk she is perched, Looking down at me from way above,

Letting me know I’m in no way good enough for her,

Forever leaving me wanting more…

Nightly I am tormented by this beautiful demon, over and over,

I wake breathless from this torrid sleep, drenched in sweat,

Wanting so much more, as she is the cup that I want to drink from daily,

You are my grace, my queen,

As I’d get down upon my knees for you…

Like a drug, your sex, your influence, it blindsides me daily,

Forever in my minds eye, you continue to taunt me from afar with your beauty,

All I want is to feel her warm skin next to mine,

Is this just a dream? ? If so I’d lock myself away in this prison,

As your a person I’d do life for….

Me, Myself and I

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