Lana Del Rey Intervenes When She Notices I’ve Stopped Writing About My Ex


It’s good that he’s gone,
but don’t let him be too gone.

He’s got to be candle blown out
in the other room gone.

Or exhaust pipe
huffing down the block gone.

Not closure-gone. Not someone-else’s-
baby-gone. Not cut your hair gone.

He can’t ever be too far
away to hurt you, honey.

You can pedal away but make sure it’s a polaroid
of him clicking in your bicycle wheel down the boulevard.

Put a suitcase in a trunk and every state in between you
if you want, but when you turn on the radio,

search for his song.
Don’t get me wrong, you can love.

You can bend over
a pinball machine for a biker,

or a balcony for a photographer.
You can bend over a bridge

for a poet, but when you’re in a strange city
at a lonely hotel bar and they ask

what you’re drinking,
say his name.

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