It Was A Blue Sky


It was a blue sky
A few white clouds
Playing like a child,
A rainbow chased by a dove,
One more day had gone by,
Which changed nothing,
But the fact,
The fact of time,
As perceived by humans,
There was one less day in history,
One less day for the living,
For those keeping count;
Other than that,
If time didn’t exist,
Nothing to write or cry about,
Or laugh or smile,
It was just the universe,
Continuing its existence;
The Sun near set time,
The Moon was missing,
It was only Sky;
I thought,
All this, everything,
Would be unimportant
Without time,
Without human life,
Being born, lived and died,
Humans, the only ones to appreciate it;
That’s why, perhaps,
Humans exist,
In this form,
In a specific time,
No matter how small,
In front of the universe,
The only ones giving a meaning,
To all that there ever was.
If it wasn’t for us humans,
The infinite universe,
Would just be eternally dead,
In its tracks,
So, that’s why, that’s why,
We’re born, live and die,
Because we are bigger than the universe,
Without us, living in time,
The universe would not exist.
And the Creator made it like this,
Because he loved us the most.
Imagine living like a mountain,
One million years,
Without dying, without time,
Without feelings.
We become immortal,
Just by living only in a specific time,
And giving all the universe a beautiful meaning.
It was a blue Sky,
It became crimson from the Sun in set time,
And only because of my eyes,
Observing and thinking – everything is fine,
As it is.

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