The Light


The door stood open, slightly,
The whole time, in front of me,
On the left, bringing in some light,
The only one, darkened all else seemed.

I set there, in my theater seat, number X54,
Still, as if the number had a meaning,
The stage was full, but I kept looking at the door,
The light intrigued me all evening.

I sure wasn’t attracted by the play,
So perhaps, was looking for an escape
The door on the left symbolized a daybreak,
In full darkness, of an otherwise boring parade.

As if a hope blew through that door gleaming,
And I kept looking at it all night,
All of a sudden I found myself dreaming,
To let go and run towards the light.

Did not want, perhaps, to be in that place,
Did not feel comfortable, did not belong,
Symbolically the light reminded me of myself,
Had been in the darkness for far too long!

I imagined running through the door,
And finding a place, the one for me,
Only for me, surrounded by flowers, under the Sun,
And standing there in my thoughts and dreams,
Until all darkness left, and my soul shined,
Like it always did, And it always knew how!

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