I Am Bent Upon


I have cherished a desire for long,
I have cherished a desire for long,
To gift you the gift, the precious one,
More precious than rubies and sapphires
Or any other stone adorned on the crown
Of foreign kings and queens,
More gorgeous than roses that bloom
In any garden, in the west or east;
But worries do not allow me sit,
Contemplate at the moonlit night,
Inside the window where moonbeams
Come straining and streaming,
Through the hushed, silent airs.

There I wish to compose a poem
With rare similes and metaphors,
Best images, elegant diction,
And all poetic skills that I know.
In the lines my heart must pulsate
Each word be soaked in rich emotions,
Then I should present the piece to you;
But I am afraid whether you will accept
Or discard it away, for the world runs after
Worldly riches, rubies and sapphires
Only a few lovers of poesy remain behind,
I know you will discard the item,
Precious for me but worthless for you,
So I adjourn the intent to compose
A piece of poesy, and go out to find
A ruby or a sapphire, or any chiseled stone,
For I am bent upon to win your heart.

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