Advice To A Young Sylv-i-an Dragon On Going To School


when you step out of the wood and go first time to school
you have to be so specially careful if you’re really a dragon
to put the most innocent expression on your face you can find
and not flip your flappers (unless the others don’t mind)
you must be very strict with yourself – be sure not to act the fool
you’d be far happier i think to get your mother to tie a tag on

saying – this dragon is sweet no matter how fierce she seems
and letting everyone know you were born in a wood (well at least
a sylv-i-an creature) and not used to clatterings and bangings
that can set a dragon’s scales on edge with their thwangings
schools never are you know the paradise of your dreams
they have a tendency in everyone to bring out the beast

or maybe when you get there you should do a dragon-dance
and get everyone hopping around the place breathing fire
or burn up a prince or two – to show how that game is played
taking their minds off the fact you have a back like a saw-blade
and a tail so fierce it would keep the bravest child at a distance
but whatever else you do dear dragon definitely do not perspire

a perspiring dragon will have the whole school holding its noses
dainty dragons do not sweat – the first lesson to be deeply learned
in any dragon’s book of school-etiquette – a proper dragon-daughter
must always carry with her a large supply of odour-cologne-water
(for use ten times a day) to keep her sweeter than a bunch of roses –
so advised (o young sylv-i-an dragon) you will never be spurned

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