The Feminine Touch


she came on a fine cool morning
the last of a course i was attending
as we crowded the pavement
waiting to be let in — hello she said

put her arms around me — hugged me
gave me a welcoming kiss
long time she said — she looked
familiar but i did not know her

couldn’t make it before she said
trouble — now we’re splitting up
tomorrow i’ll be homeless —
i have a spare room i said

you can stay there for a while
great she said tomorrow i’ll move in
i’ll have to confirm it with the boys
i said their permission will be needed

no worry there – i won’t be in the way
she said — i’ll take care of everything
they can get on with their lives
you can get on with your writing

all the problems of the house i’ll manage
another hug an overwhelming smile
she wove herself away leaving
her presence pressed upon the morning

she hasn’t come of course — although
at heart it feels as if she has
every day i wait for her appearance
believing the dream to be real

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