Sensory-Deprivation Experiment


Inside the body’s housing
aligned within
juxtaposed and parallel,
confined in pearlised spaces
jousting out,
the music of the body-parts begins.
Rack and pinion, piston, lap and squeeze,
irrespective of our will:
the autonomic hissing of the blood
the repeated snap of sharp aortic cusps
the limbering glide as large joints slide,
the dry crackling of ligaments.
Brain emits radioactive threads,
spitting tiny bouts
of electricity.
Flare and sputter,
sonic hum, the noise of all capacity.
Liver says ‘sponge’
with wild intensity,
pancreas flaps at ease and licks
flat sugar from the Isles of Langerhans.
Lungs lie quiet
in the shallows behind the ribs
quiescent stingrays breathing for the tide.

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