The Elegant Rabbit


I’m a beautiful woman.
From the inside out I’m a treat.
And it’s bargain basement time.
I’m going for a song.
The song goes like this:
Just say hullo with your eyes.
Just give me a skin-clinging kiss
with a hint of suggestion
that good times are a leap ahead.
That feeling will come creeping
and twining like a bean vine.
I’ve got change on my mind.
I’m an elegant rabbit inside
and at six p.m. from the west
the remarkable happens.
The sun lurches and glows through my ears
and the membranes whisper like reeds
of fine blood and tendons.
I’m expectant of sacred events.

I sit at the mouth of my burrow
and think of solutions,
of a mix of metal, urine and wine.
At dawn I’ll descend into matter
to that darkly nebulous room
and utter exhaustion.
Always over again
when light decays
I can scutter out to the line
of sandy ridges and hollows.
A light wind pitches a frame;
I’ve got life on my mind.
With luck I can whisker it in.

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