Excuse me / sir —
Are you my father?
I’ve searched so hard to find you.
I need to know / you understand/
Life’s been so hard without you.

Excuse me / sir —
Are you my daddy?
You could be — she said brown hair /
And that I’d know you anywhere.

Excuse me / sir —
Are you my father?
Mother always cried /
Rather than speak of you /
So I know nothing /
Except that I am here …

Excuse me / sir —
Are you my daddy?
I hope you won’t mind if I ask /
Was it love — or was it loathing?
I know nothing / you understand?

Did you love her? Really love her?
Stroke her hair, hold her hand?

Or was she just another roll /
Or rape? Did she cry?
I’ll understand!

Excuse me / sir —
Did you become her lover /
Accidentally /
As drunks often do?
Is that how I came to be?
O / please / please — tell me …

Excuse me / sir —
I always wanted my daddy /
You know how it is with girls /
But I grew up without lace and ribbons /
Just my mind — all in a whirl.

Excuse me / sir —
I badly need to find /
Not for any real reason /
I’m not asking for money / you know /
It would just make a world of difference /
To have a father that I could know.

Excuse me / sir —
Are you my daddy?
I’ve been searching everywhere /
It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me /
And I won’t tell anyone, I swear.

Excuse me / sir —
I’ve looked through the north / the west /
Doing the country — town by town /
My Mum was Black / my Dad was White /
And that’s why I’m this brown.

Excuse me / sir —
If you are not my father /
Have you seen him anywhere?
I’d love to find my daddy /
Just to meet him / just to see him /
Just to know that he’s somewhere …

Excuse me / sir
Excuse me / sir
Excuse me / sir.

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