Surely God was a Lover


SURELY God was a lover when He bade the day begin
Soft as a woman’s eyelid—white as a woman’s skin.

Surely God was a lover, with a lover’s faults and fears,
When He made the sea as bitter as a wilful woman’s tears.

Surely God was a lover, with the madness love will bring:
He wrought while His love was singing, and put her soul in the Spring.

Surely God was a lover, by a woman’s wile controlled,
When He made the Summer a woman thirsty and unconsoled.

Surely God was a lover when He made the trees so fair;
In every leaf is a glory caught from a woman’s hair.

Surely God was a lover—see, in the flowers He grows,
His love’s eyes in the violet—her sweetness in the rose.

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