Forgotten Kiss


Tears rolled down,

As I climbed up the hill.

The same hill, the stones

Large and brown

Obstructing path

As in those bygone

Summer afternoons.

There stood the tree,

That old Plum tree,

Where you tried your kisses,

The first one wet with shyness,

The next ones dipped with passion,

And above all the last one to bid…

To bid me the last good bye,

The farewell from my world

Of things shared

Roads, Beds, Beaches, Sandwiches

And the kisses

That initiated

From your foreheads

Through the lips till

They clad all your private

Zones of the soul.


I would have failed

To remember all these,

And even forget

That secret blue wound

On my heart,

That your kiss placed there

On that blue mist of the

Summer afternoon.

Had I not remembered

That blue sky,

That plum shade,

Those clouds

Wandering, white clouds

Crazy with what it saw

Then and there

Between us.

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